Le plant français de pomme de terre FNPPPT Gnis

Caracteristics of varieties listed in the french catalogue

The information given below is derived from the official tests to which the potato varieties are subjected with a view to their inclusion in the official catalogue (source: GEVES).

According to their type of utilization, potato varieties are classified into three groups :

For each of these groups you can consult the scores for a particular variety, compare varieties in threes or compare all the varieties according to one or two criteria.

The firm-fleshed ware potato varieties show generally numerous tubers of medium size, having good taste quality and a fine-textured flesh with no disintegration during cooking. They are nearly all long in shape and lend themselves well to the preparation of salads, fish with potatoes and potato ragout.
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The ware potato varieties (for consumption) generally have tubers with coarser-textured flesh, often being more floury and showing more disintegration during cooking. Nevertheless, they lend themselves, more or less well according to the varieties, to a broader range of table use. Their early maturity, reflecting the variable duration of their vegetative cycle, partly conditions their type of utilization. The early varieties are mainly cultivated for the production of early potatoes, while the medium-early, medium, medium-late and late varieties provide ware potatoes for storage.
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The starch varieties are used primarily for the production of starch.
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