Le plant français de pomme de terre FNPPPT Semae

Dissemination and transfer

Results are regularly transmitted, first and foremost to the growers and the other actors of the seed potato sector, through various vectors:

Written information:
- Papers in scientific or technical reviews (such as La Pomme de Terre Française)
- Technical publications: data sheets, brochures, technical leaflets, annual reports
- Practical guide on potato diseases, pests and disorders (FN3PT-SEMAE- ARVALIS)
- French Catalog of potato varieties (edited by FN3PT-SEMAE and ARVALIS)
- Guide of best practices for seed treatment (collective work)
- website of INNOPLANT : here




Oral information:

- Meetings with producers and technicians of the seed potato sector
- Field days and farm demonstrations / exhibitions
- Oral communications during scientific congresses and technical days
- National meetings (example « Carrefour de la recherche plant » organized by InnoPlant)




- Technical trainings for growers (crop management, pathology, certification and seed regulations)
- Training of field and laboratory staff and breeders on potato diseases, detection techniques, molecular markers or technical innovations
- Reception of trainees, PhD students and postdoctorants
- Training of foreign visitors and partners