Le plant français de pomme de terre FNPPPT Gnis



Developing innovative, competitive and environment-friendly strategies for the seed potato production:

Intensive applied research and transfer are led by the seed potato growers' organizations, in order to adapt and to optimize the techniques for the production and protection of seed potatoes. Trials are done either in its regional stations or with producers for demonstration trials. FN3PT is recognized with its regional associations as the French technical institute for seed potatoes.

Actions cover the whole cycle for the seed crop management from planting to harvesting and storage. Their objectives are to consolidate the quality and competitivness of the French seeds and their adequacy to the requirements of the market as well as anticipating the effects of climatic or external changes.

A part of the programme is specifically dedicated to organic seed potatoes.


The main topics of applied research on seed potato crop management are detailed in the present datasheet (in French)