Le plant français de pomme de terre FNPPPT Semae

Illustrated variety description


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Genetic origin : Hansa X Danaé
Registered in the : Catalogue français (1981)
Type : Liste A
Category : Consommation à chair ferme
Maturity : Medium-early

Descriptive characters

Tuber : Long oval, very regular, shallow eyes, yellow skin, yellow flesh.

Sprout : Red purplish, conical, medium hairiness.

Plant : Medium height, semi-upright habit, semi-leafy type.

Stem : Internodes slightly pigmented, nodes not pigmented, with well-developed and straight wings.

Leaf : Clear green, moderately divided, open; medium leaflet, oval (I = 1.71); flat lamina.

Flowering : Fairly abundant.

Flower : Purplish red, moderately pigmented flower bud.

Fruit : Very rare.

Growing and use-related characters

Yield : 90 % of Bintje.

Grading : Proportion of large tubers: medium.

Susceptibility to diseases :
Leaf blight : rather slightly susceptible.
Tuber blight : rather slightly susceptible.
Black wart : susceptible.
Common scab : derately susceptible.
Virus X : NTR.
Virus A : resistant.
Virus Y : rather slightly susceptible.
Leaf roll : susceptible.
Nematode RO 1-4 : NTR.

Internal tuber defect : Slightly susceptible to rust spots, hollow heart and black spots.

Susceptibility to desprouting : Moderately susceptible.

Dormancy period : Fairly short.

Culinary quality : Table-use group A, blackening after cooking: nil, rather good fry colour.

Dry matter content : Fairly good.

Keeping quality : Medium.

General characters

Variety with many tubers, medium sized, very regular long oval shape and good culinary quality.