Le plant français de pomme de terre FNPPPT Semae

Partners and UMT


A wide R&D partnership on seed potato issues :

· numerous collaborations with research centers, in France and abroad, and in narrow link with the seed potato regional organizations (Comité Nord / Sipre, Bretagne-Plants and Comité Centre-et-sud).

· a long-lasting research partnership between the seed potato sector and INRA public research institute which was strengthened in 2012 with the approval by the Ministry of Agriculture of INNOPLANT, a Joint Technological Unit (UMT), associating the National Federation of Seed Potato Growers (FN3PT) and the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA / IGEPP), on the sites of Rennes-Ls Rheu (35) and Ploudaniel (29) on the theme " Seed potato, innovations regarding sanitary quality and varietal resistance to pests and diseases, in connection with the competitiveness of the production ". Carried out by the FN3PT and the INRA, this UMT also associates SEMAE and French potato breeders (ACVNPT) for some actions. This partnership is now involving a dozen engineers and technicians affected by the FN3PT / RD3PT (and SEMAE).

To know more about INNOPLANT :You can consult the presentation leaflet here = > Poster_UMT-Vdef.pdf  and visit its website here 

· bilateral collaborations are also established with the National Plant Health Agency (ANSES) as well as with universities and other research centers.
· The sector is also involved in important collaborative projects in France and at the international level (EUPHRESCO, PVYwide, ARIMNET) and in several poles of competitiveness.