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Potato virus X

PVX = Potato Virus X

Causative agent and transmission

The virus X causes mosaic-type symptoms on potatoes.

Transmission of virus X to the plant occurs :

  • mainly mechanically, through contact between the plants subjected to friction (wind, machines, humans, animals, etc). In practice, most contamination occurs mechanically due to the passage of machinery.
  • to a letter degree, by insects when they attack the plant.

Description of symptoms on crops

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It is not easy to distinguish symptoms that are due to contamination during the current year; clear expression only occurs when infection takes place in the previous year : the appearance of mosaics is limited by the veins, without deformation of the foliage, apart from some exceptions, and is latent in a large number of cases.

The symptoms can be seen more easily during the plant's active growth phase and in weak sunlight.



  • Use of healthy seed potatoes resulting from genealogical selection;
  • Limit passage of machinery among the young material (pre-basic);
  • Production in a favourable environment;
  • Roguing of virus-infected plants.

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